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About Minesweeper Midi Gems Collection

It is the first and only collection that offers tokens with one-click win cards in the world-famous game of Minesweeper. All the mines are multicenter symmetrically distributed. Millions of Minesweeper fans know that this happens unprecedentedly rare - the chances to get such a game outcome are 305 in a tredecillion! Finding a needle in a haystack is 10^33 times easier! All this makes the collection genuinely unique.


Why Get Minesweeper Midi Gems?

The Minesweeper Midi Gems collection offers one-click win cards with multicenter symmetrically distributed mines for the Minesweeper Intermediate level. The collection contains all possible options for such game outcomes and is naturally limited. As Minesweeper Midi Gems represent super rare game results, they are like digital quatrefoils for good luck. The collection holders get free access and special discount in Crazy Professor’s second project – Largest Primes Store. Additionally, they will take part in cash raffles, one lot equals 0.25 ETH and have a chance to get two tickets to World Video Game Hall of Fame in Rochester, NY (or their cash equivalent). The travel costs will be covered. Join!

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In his lab, Crazy Professor tirelessly dissects the simple elegance of math. He is crazy about the new approaches, symmetry experiments, and the beauty of numbers. Created by logics and refined artistic taste, all his collections are offbeat and have natural limit in size.

P.S. Crazy Professor is a real scientist with Erdős number equal to 3 – median value for Fields medalists, which is superior to 91% of the world’s mathematicians.

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Minesweeper Beginner Gems

The collection offers one-click win cards with axial symmetrically distributed mines for the Minesweeper beginner levels. This beautiful collection contains all the possible variants for such game outcomes and is naturally limited.


Largest Primes

Crazy Professor has worked on the largest ever known prime numbers to turn them into ingenious math objects. The collection is naturally limited in size as the emergence of the new prime numbers is a very labor-intensive and rare case (the latest largest prime number was discovered in 2018).


Magic Squares

Inspired by A. Dürer’s Melencolia, this beautiful provocative collection presents magic squares engravings. Think of what would be new about the famous Dürer’s engraving if the magic squares were different. How would it alter your perception? Join this experiment!